About Summitwriter Consultancy

We are a writing and communications company with specialization in ghost writing, copywriting and content writing.

We work with businesses and individuals to write books under their name and authorship and to develop content for them to enable them meet their needs in the areas of marketing and promotion, business communication, media and public relations and professional development.

When we work with you, we take time to understand your needs and aspirations then adapt our expertise to create content that will help you achieve those aspirations. We work with you to help you attract more customers, deliver compelling brand messages, communicate valuable insight to your audience, stitch together a life story and accomplish a whole lot of other goals through the power of exceptionally-written content.

Our aim is to consistently create top-quality content so that we can help our clients raise their profile and increase the attractiveness of their brands, whether they are small businesses, big corporate organisations, career professionals, business executives, celebrated and famous individuals or individual entrepreneurs.

Our over-arching desire is to help you succeed. Therefore, we guarantee that we will give full attention to your needs focusing on truly delivering on your objectives because we believe that is the only way we could say we have succeeded. We guarantee that we will give everything we’ve got to create content that will match your objectives 100%!


About Tervel T Kejih – T T K

I am a ghost writer, copywriter and content writer.

As a copywriter and content writer, I create marketing and promotional content, public and media relations content, business communications content and professional/career content.

When I write copy, I focus my energies on creating top-quality content that will help businesses, organizations and individuals communicate their messages, stories, ideas and insight in order to promote their brand image and amplify their brand reach.

As a ghost writer, I work with career professionals, celebrated and famous individuals, business executives consultants and successful entrepreneurs to write books such as biographies, memoirs, life stories, business books, instructional books and motivational books under their names and authorship.

When someone engages me for a ghost writing project, I work closely with them to write content based on their inputs and ideas so that I can give life to their thoughts in order to relate their story or communicate their insight or message in a manner that reflects their voice accurately.

My working hours are flexible and I always look to adapt my schedule to accommodate you and to enable me deliver jobs on time so hit me up anytime and we will set the ball rolling.